Nowadays instead of hiring one experienced accountant, it’s more profitable and effective to make a contract with professional team of accountants. By making a contract with K&R Partners LLC    you get supervision of professional accounting services of your organization by experienced accountants. In this case you save on the budget and get an advantage to conduct accurate accounting operations.
Accounting is an important and complex system. Sometimes the future of enterprise depends on the accurate and effective establishment of this system. The work of offered service is preparation of internal management and financial statements of enterprise, conducting of tax audit. Along with knowledge, such factors as proper distribution of work among accountants, mutual assistance and team work play an important role.
The followings are included into accounting services of K&R Partners LLC   :

  • Accounting record-keeping, formation of accounting (financial) statements (full accounting observation of physical persons and legal entities activities)
  • Submission of quarter and annual statements to appropriate supervision authorities (Tax Ministry, State Social Protection Fund, Department of Statistics, Department of Employment)
  • Submission of “zero” statements
  • Establishment and/or reorganization of accounting (consultations over accounting record-keeping)
  • Stocktaking of fixed assets of enterprise
  • Analysis and stocktaking of accounts receivable and accounts payable
  • Taxation and tax planning
  • Representation of enterprise interests during tax audit, preparation of objections to tax audit certificates
  • Development and optimization of tax policy (preparation of statement policy and composition of initial statement documents of enterprise)
  • Personnel record keeping of enterprise

Advantages to be achieved:

  • Accounting observation in full completion with the legislation of Azerbaijan Republic
  • Save to budget during the process of accounting
  • Absence of delays and fines during submission of accounting, tax and statistic statements
  • Free consultations over additional assessment, financial and accounting statements
  • Supervision of your enterprise by professional and skilled team in accordance with national and international accounting standards.